Body Exfoliating Belt

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  • Body exfoliating belt is good at exfoliating texture without being too rough and also soft for promoting blood circulation and massage

  • Easy to reach your entire back.

  • Improving your skin texture and eliminate acne

  • Soft and suitable for different people, children, elderly, men, women.

  • Reduce the bacterial growth, making great contribution to your skin healthy and glow.



 The silicon back scrub is not too coarse to irritate sensitive skin and it ensures anti-slip and comfortable grip allowing you to massage and clean your back and other hard-to-reach body areas with ease. our body exfoliating belt will give you a comfortable massage feeling when you use it to scrub your body. The handle has good toughness and has strong tensile strength. It can be used for hand, face, feet, body clean and is perfect to relax muscles, relieve stress, release metabolic waste and toxins, promote blood circulation and increase the elasticity of your skin. It can be hung in the bathroom, or folded, saving place. Quite easy to store it in your luggage during traveling, thus enjoy your relaxing bathing at any time


Size: 27.5 x 4.7 inch / 70 x 12cm

Material: silicone

Suitable For Skin Type: Universal

Weight: about 20g / unit



1 X Body Exfoliating Belt





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