Summer 2 in 1 Smart Power Bank and Handy Mini Fan

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Summer 2 in 1 Smart Power Bank and Handy Mini Fan


  • Mini fan and Power bank: Enjoy the coolness and charging of your palms on a cool summer day.
  • Mini body: carrying ultra-thin, lightweight and portable, strong wind.
  • Wind strong and durable, energy saving and low power consuming.
  • 3 speeds adjustable, you can change the speed as your wishes.
  • Charging: you can connect the fan with USB cable to power bank and computer or any USB outlet.
  • High quality ABS Eco-Friendly Material, high temperature resistance and crush resistance ensure the long life.
  • Strong wind and low noise: The three-speed wind speed adjusts the 360° spiral wind deflector, and there is no dead angle for the wind.



1. Connect USB cable, the blue light will keep flashing when charging, when charge fully, the blue light will be normally on.
2. Press the switch first time, the blue indicator light will be on, it's low speed mode; press the second time, it's a middle speed mode; the third time to press, it's a high speed mode; the fourth time to press the switch, it’s turn off.


Input: DC 5V-1A 
Output: DC 6V-9V 
Output power: 2.1W 
Full Charge: Take About 3-5 hours (depend on the speed mode you have chosen)
Three wind speed selections 
Dimensions: 12.5 x 12.5 cm 
Battery Specification: 18650 -3.7V. 
Charging time: About 3 Hour’s
Net weight of product: 166g
Working mode: USB


1 x 2 in 1 smart charging and handy mini fan.
1 x Micro USB Cable.


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