Mini Portable Cooling USB Air Conditioner

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Mini Portable Cooling USB Air Conditioner


  • Portable and Unique Design.
  • It has 3 uses Humidifier and Air conditioner and Fan
  • It is easy to carry.
  • It is a lightweight and very easily portable fan.
  • Enjoy breeze and moisture of spring anytime anywhere.
  • Suitable for home, office and outdoor use.
  • Will Be Able TO Give You A Steady Stream Of Conveying Cold Wind.
  • Bring A Trace Of Coolness You No Longer Worry About Such Hot weather.
  • Mini Small Fan Cooling Portable Desktop Dual Bladeless Air Conditioner USB New Ultra-quiet design Hot summer must-have little gadget.
  • Pitch angle can be adjusted upwards or downwards USB Powered, no external power required Plug and play, easy install and remove.



The fan cools extremely well and is portable. It has a dual air outlet system. The wind blows smoothly and stably. Into the wind double, the wind out is also double. Each gap is not more than 0.8cm. kids are also safe to use it. Mini Fragrance Air conditioner Cooling Fan is made of durable hard plastic material, and powered by 3 AA batteries and USB cable to provide strong wind with low power consumption. With desktop design and easy to use, it is a wonderful mini air-conditioning fragrance fan for choice. You can add scent beads and 50ml water into the storage box inside the fan, to give off fragrance Besides, you also can add ice or ice water into the storage box to provide freezing air to let you say goodbye to hot wind


 Outdoor Use When Golfing, Watching A Game, Resting In Sports, Amusement Parks, Sunbathing, Bbq And Picnics, Camping Crowded Concet.Can Be Used To Hot Flashes Or Home And Office Other Use Scene, Muggy Air Again

How to Use:

Put the soaked sponge into the cooler body. Insert batteries or connect USB port. It begins to work.


  • Material: ABS + electronic original.
  • Power Source: Electric :2.5W.
  • Size: Approx:115*105*150mm.
  • One hole size:48*38mm.
  • Colors :subject to availability.
  • How to use: Use the AA Battery Or the USB.(Package not include the battery)


  • 1 * Mini Portable Cooling USB Air Conditioner
  • 1 * USB Cable



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