Melon Popsicle Slicer

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Melon Popsicle Slicer Quick Melon in Ice cream Shape


  •  Popsicle Shaped Watermelon Slicer - Ice-cream Cutter.
  • Prepare a Healthy and Delicious Snack In a Popsicle Shape - Children Will Love!
  • Also Great For Cantaloupes, Honeydews & Calabasas.
  • Great Gift Idea - Ideal For Kids, Cookouts & Parties.
  • Made From Food-Grade Plastic & Stainless Steel​.


"Summertime and the living is easy..."

Popsicle Watermelon Slicer helps you to cut watermelon in seconds! It allows you to easily slice the watermelon and let you cut out pieces. It is thick, and it will not hurt the hand!

It can core and slice watermelon or even make ice cream quickly. The stainless steel blades stay sharp over a lifetime of use if you keep it clean after using it.

This Slicer cuts watermelons in seconds that is super convenient! Besides, this Slicer features a protective top that makes it easy to operate requiring less strength! Finished watermelon bulks could be used for fruit platter or an ice cube. We combined the healthy and refreshing qualities of the watermelon with the ergonomics of ice-lolly and voila: Popsicle Watermelon slicer reduce the mess and increase the fun. Ideal for kids and parties.


Material: ABS + Stainless Steel

Weight: approx. 50 g.


1 x Popsicle Watermelon Slicer


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