Multifunction Magic Broom

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  1. 2 In 1 magic broom combines functions of squeegee and broom to sweep dirt and hair on the floor, also remove dust and splashes on the glass.
  2. Use a one-piece blade instead of bristles on its head which can remove tiny dust and hair easily, you don't need to sweep one place repeatedly.
  3. Use the broom head alone to deal with detailing tasks on bed or sofa, or use with stainless steel rod to reach high places without stools or ladders.


Multifunction Magic Broom With a special design, the floor sweeper is great for cleaning concrete, hardwood, wood, and tile floor without scratching. The Multifunction Magic Broom comes with stainless steel poles, with adjustable length. It can be adjusted up to 45.28’’ (115 cm). The Foam floor squeegee with 12.2’’ (31 cm) in width helps you finish housework quickly and reduce cleaning time. Make housework simpler and more effective.

Easy to assemble in a minute. The handle with fixed clasp to make the floor squeegee more solid and no shaking when using.

The floor squeegee is best for sweeping water and removing hair, pet hair. Also, it suits multi-surface floor what can be used as floor squeegee, water wiper, window squeegee, and pushes broom in the garage, deck, shower, bathroom, outside windows.


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