Multi Purpose Vegetable Cutter

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  • This cutter works fast and efficient
  • The vegetable cutter can free up your kitchen space, even take it to outdoor cooking. 
  • you can quickly cut the fruit into smaller pieces to save consumption time
  • It Can keep food ventilated and easy to clean
  • It Can be separated into pieces and placed in dishwasher


  •  Multi-purpose Vegetable Cutter Kit Can be used for multiple purposes such as  vegetable cutter, fruit cutter, slicer, column cutter, egg cutter, potato cutter Onion Fruit Fast Chopper.  Nice cutter in hand format. Thick slices, thin slices, cubes, pins and Chhath! Cut directly into pot, pan or bowl. Collection container with a fresh lid to cut it directly and store it safely. Cut into thick or thin slices and can also be cut into wedges.


Size: 15 x 15 x 25 cm

Material:  Stainless Steel + ABS Plastic

Weight : 250 grams


1x  multi purpose vegetable cutter


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