Self Tightening Body Measuring Ruler

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  1. Portable retractable tape measure.
  2. The measurement stays in place by simply pulling the tape measure.
  3. Pull the measuring tape back by pressing the button in the center.
  4. Help measure your size, check your progress when you are on a diet
  5. It's accurate and easy to use, and it can measure any part of your body - arm, chest, waist, calf, thigh, hip, and more
  6. Keep track of your body measurements and progress as your muscles grow and shrink to your desired shape.
  7. Push-button retraction and locking function ensure accurate measurement; It's easy to measure yourself.



Push button retraction and pin lock to get the most accurate and snug readings the pin locks into place and you can retract tape to get the best measurements. Push-button retraction and locking feature ensure appropriate measurement and superior accuracy.

Made of soft and flexible premium material, the tape measures won’t stretch or deform, avoid injury or cuts.soft measuring tape is flexible and portable, lightweight to use, provides good measurement and long service life. Ergonomics and portable design,help you use with ease for measurement. And it’s easy to store anywhere: dresser, desktop, drawer, gym and more..

these measuring tapes are very suitable for measuring body part like arm, thigh, waist, chest and more, will provide you accurate measurements, can also be applied in cloth measurement, sewing measurement and so on, portable to use and would not take up much room

Our Self-tightening Measure Tape have large and clear marks in both inches and centimeters.They are great for tailor, sewing, handcraft,body measurements and more.



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