Summer Reusable Cooling Gel Face Mask

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  • Pain Relief: Full Face Coverage to relieve tension and pains from headaches, migraines, fevers strained puffy eyes and sinus pressure
  • Simple to Use: Simply place in the fridge to cool, or immerse in hot (not boiling) water to be heated. Never boil or freeze!
  • Light and Comfortable: Made from soft, pliable eco-friendly PVC and with a weight of only 230g approx.
  • Size: Secured with a Velcro strap, one size fits most. Our Face Masks provide full face coverage for more cooling comfort.
  • Safe: Sodium Polyacrylate Gel, Non-toxic and safe to use!



Our Faces Skin is Very Sensitive to too much Heat, Light, Dust.

Due to Modern lifestyle like using computer, driving, welding, studying, watching TV and work over load gives lot of stress to our face & Makes your face very tired.

So, Cooling Gel Face Mask can be the perfect way to relax & rejuvenate your face.

This Reusable Cooling Gel Face Mask can be kept in the refrigerator (for cold therapy) or in to the warm water (for hot therapy) now it is ready to use.

Take a break, relax & feel how the cool or warm gel face mask takes away the face strain, wrinkles, redness in eyes and worries of the day.

Achieved through a magnetic  field to stimulate circulation, loose silt, antispasmodic, eyesight purposes. Can Effectively improve eye blood circulation, enhance blood flow to the eye organ, accelerate metabolism. Long-term wear make eye tissue cells get rich nutritional supplies, restore ciliary muscle of normal systolic and diastolic function, eliminate eye fatigue and improve vision; Effectively removed due to various circumstances in the bags under the eyes, dark circles, wrinkles eye so silky texture and delicate skin around the eye, easy to produce oil capsules.


1x Reusable Gel Cooling Face Mask


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