Gel Body Scrubber

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  • This body/hair scrubber cleanses effectively by removing dirt from your pores, leaving your skin/scalp smooth and clean

  • This gel body brush helps to deep clean skin, massage and promote the blood circulation. 

  • Easy to use and clean. Simply rinse it once you’re finished using it, then hang it up for drying.

  • Bring great convenience to your shower time.

  • Feels more hygienic



Gel body scrubber makes it more convenient for you to take a bath. Just squeeze soap or shower gel into this silicone bath massage brush, then enjoy foaming massaging bath.

Innovative design with a finger handle. Easy to use and don't worry that it will slip down, the brush will provide you with best comfort .The Small Brush can also be Put in your Dressing Box or Handbag, it can be a good Helper When you are Outside. This is of Super Value and you will not Regret for Sending them to the Ones you Love!



Size: 8.5 x 7.9 x 5.5 cm

Material: silicone

Suitable For Skin Type: Universal

Weight: about 20g / unit



1 X Gel Body Scrubber





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