Finger Scalp Massager

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  • Get rid of headache and hair loss
  • Promote acupressure point massage on the head and relieve massage on the head and brain.
  • Five beads design, deep massage; up and down two layers of massage beads, can achieve deep massage; new design, beads more flexible.
  • Smooth and beautiful radian, durable and thickened handle, easy to use; with whole design, it is easy to thread and place.


Finger Scalp Massager Five-finger steel ball claw design, which can flexibly massage the scalp without tangling curly hair, helping you relieve fatigue and restore energy. It is a practical and pleasant gift for friends and family. Our Finger Scalp Massager is made of PP and steel balls. It is not easy to break or fade. The balls can roll freely without loosening, ensuring long-term use. The ergonomic handle brings you comfort Comfortable grip and it is easy to carry

 This head massager tool is not only suitable for the scalp, but also for the neck, legs, arms, etc. It can provide deep relaxation and reduce stress. It is very convenient for use in home spas and offices


  1. Material : ABS + carbon steel ball
  2. Product Category: Blue, Pink
  3. size:8.5x18.7 cm

Package include:

1* Finger Scalp Massager



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