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  • PAIN RELIEF: Efficient and instant remedy for sore heels from pressure, painful irritation, blisters, calluses, Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis Tendon, Spurs, Fascia Support, Sore Feet, Bruised Foot, Heel Pain Relief and Cracked Heels for Women Men.
  • PROTECTION: Keeps heels comfortably moisturized after applying your favorite skin care product to prevent dry and cracked skin.
  • EXTRA COMFORT: Medical grade silicone soft gel cradles the heel for extra cushioning, stability & comfort. These sleeves also work as a Plantar Fasciitis Sock, Plantar Fasciitis Inserts, Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint, Plantar Fasciitis Support, Plantar Fasciitis Treatment, Heel Protectors, Foot Inserts, Arch Support Shoe Insert an Arch support Sleeve.
  • UNIVERSAL SIZE: One size durable and stretchy design fits most feet.
  • As you walk, we will provide you with comfort and will play running. Because of the flat foot It is important not only to reduce foot pain but also to reduce stress unless you are injured.
  • Protect heel from painful irritation, spur, shoe sore, blisters, calluses and getting dry which causes cracking.
  • Absorbs shock and shear forces and immediately relieve uncomfortable heel pain.
  • Whitening and Moisturizing effects Soften and make a beautiful baby skin.
  • Stretches and Fits All Size of Foot. Comfortably can be worn under socks or stocking with shoes, boots or heels in Daily Life.
  • DETAILS: Size: Approx. 10 x 9.5 cm. Thickness: Approx. 3mm.



1.Keep your feet clean and dry before wearing. 
2.Wearing the heel protectors start from tiptoes. 
3.Adjust the position. 


Hand wash with water and soap, let air dry.

Package Including:

 Heel Protectors Gel Heel Socks Sleeve Pads Cushions Gel Heel Cushions Protector Foot Moisturizing Socks



Do You Suffer from Heel, Foot or Arch Pain? Is your Plantar Fasciitis weighing you down? Not being able to walk or do daily activities can get pretty frustrating silicone gel heel socks is the product you've been searching for. heel socks offer complete heel protection to keep your heels moisturized and heal your cracked feet. An easy, convenient way to protect your skin from painful irritation and dry, cracked skin. Our Heel Protectors are reusable and simple to clean: hand wash with warm water and soap, then air dry. Why put up with pain unnecessarily? Get these today and forget you ever suffered. PERFECT FOR: - All Day Wear, Nurses, Hospitality Workers - Runners, Athletes, Active People - People Looking to Kick More Butt & Get More Out of Each Day - Perfect Gift for Friend or Family Member in Need WHY OUR CUSTOMERS LOVE THEM: - Comfortable, Breathable, Light-Weight - Extremely Durable, Washable for Reuse - Special Ventilation Holes


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