Collapsible Foot Spa Bucket

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  • This foot spa bucket would help you, rejuvenate and smooth your feet.

  • With the raised nodes and massage roller, treat your feet to a massage at home, takes good care of your feet.

  • Stress relief and helps sleep.

  • It can effectively promote blood circulation, improve metabolism, relieves fatigue.

  • It's very good for personal use and as gifts for others, especially the senior people to keep healthy.


The collapsible foot spa bucket provides a comfortable and relaxing environment to soothe your feet. You can enjoy the essential oil soaking feet, If you have fungi, endogenous nails or ankles. You can use this collapsible foot spa bucket to soften the nails before trimming or soothing the eyes of the feet.


Size: 50*41*20 cm/19.69*16.14*7.87 in

Material: plastic

Suitable For Skin Type: Universal

Weight: about 20g / unit



1x Collapsible Foot Spa Bucket



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