Trendy Straws

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  • Trendy Straws add color to you memories
  • Comprises 5 pieces with connectors. Watch the liquid go around the frames.
  • Made from soft plastic straw tubing - not suitable for hot beverages.
  • A fun and novel way to sip your drink- great for kids and fun for adults.
  • Bring to a party and see the fun begin- Quite the ice breaker for any gathering.
  • Wear them on your head and take a sip - you`ll see the contents of your glass swirling before your very eyes.
  • Our Drinking Glasses are a fun gift for the young - and young at heart.
  • Make this Holi more colorful cheerful and unique
  • Ideal gift for parties and house-warming.
  • Color: Subjected to availability


Enjoy like never before!!!!

Regular straws can be a bit boring sometimes. Yes, they might be stripey or bend a little, but can you wear them round your head while you drink
These Crazy Straw Glasses offer a unique way of sipping your pint, latest cocktail creation or cool cola. 
Simply piece the reusable straws together with the longer end in your drink and you instantly have the ultimate party accessory! Great fun for kids and adults alike!

Are you preparing for your celebration? Our Trendy Straws, are perfect for your event!



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