Kitchen Oil Proof Sheet

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  • This foil sticker is moisture-proof, grease proof, oil proof, water proof and anti-leakage.
  • Easy to apply for a quick and stylish kitchen backsplash.
  • Saving your drawers & shelves from dust and protecting your electrical appliances
  • It is easy to clean , and it is durable and long-lasting
  • The Anti-bacterial, Anti-mold, and Eco-friendly PVC materials is safe enough to use in Kitchen.



Kitchen oil proof sheet blocks the flow of liquid and making it stay on the surface for easy wipe clean. It is applicable for kitchen wall anti-oil and anti-fouling, dustproof and scratch-resistant and it is stronger against fire than normal PVC sheet. Resistant to heat and moisture, Easy wipe to remove the stains and Suitable for TV background wall, living room, bedroom, hotel - Can be used for desktop, drawer, cabinet, kitchen, painted wall, smooth wallpaper, smooth wooden surface, metal surface, glass surface, plastic surface.



Size: 6.5 feet/2.5 meter approx

Material: PVC

Weight: about 20g / unit



1x Kitchen Oil Proof Sheet




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