Trash Bin Garbage Holder

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  • Trash bin garbage holder is New upgrade, folding design, space saving, easy to use
  • It is more convenient to clean the garbage, and it can also fix the garbage bag.
  • Thick material, high load capacity, easy to deal with kitchen garbage
  • Suitable for kitchen door thickness in most homes
  • Not only can be hung but also placed on the ground



Trash bin garbage holder is easy to install, just attach the compact folding trash can to any cabinet drawers or doors. When you cooking fresh food, slicing and dicing things, you don't need to open and close cabinet door Constantly with your wet hands, compared to the trash bin under the sink. There is a fixed bracket at the bottom of the trash can, you can also put it on the ground if you want. Widely used in kitchens, college dorms, living rooms, bedroom, cars, office, etc...



Size: 15 x 10 x 7 cm

Material: Plastic

Weight :   658 g



1x  Trash bin garbage holder


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