Garlic Presser

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  •  garlic presser is comfortable to hold and easy to make a squeeze
  • The garlic crusher is very durable and rust proof
  • This is corrosion-resistant and will not rust nor break. 
  • Compact size, portable and easy to store.
  • Use it to press garlic cloves, gingers, pilled nut, fresh fruit pieces etc


Garlic presser has unique handle and head construction which provides a mechanical advantage that reduces the force required to crush garlic cloves. Crushes several cloves of garlic with one easy press. Ergonomic handle for better leverage and easy squeezing construction. Perfect for mashing fresh garlic or ginger into a fine paste for sauces, dressings, or marinades. Press whole garlic without the bother of peeling



Size:  15.24 x 3.81 x 2.54 cm

Material: steel

Weight :   131.66 Grams



1x  garlic presser



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