Adjustable Screen Top Rack

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  1. The ventilator is built into the platform to provide airflow to the heat-sensitive device, making your device more durable.
  2. The anti-slip mat prevents the item from being scratched and slipping, ensuring the item situated on the bracket is stable.
  3. The internal built-in fabric protects the bezel and screen of the TV from scratching.
  4. Fully adjustable to securely get fastened by the support and interaction force between the screens, no extra tools needed and no damage caused to your walls.
  5. Can make a full use of the space above the screen, you can put the remote controller, router, TV box, converter, glasses, tissues, and other small gadgets for quick access.


Adjustable Screen Top Rack allows you to instantly create more space on top of any flat screen monitor or TV. It's perfect for home or Office use! You can mount Adjustable Screen Top Rack onto any flat screen monitor or TV. With its adjustable legs, you don't need any tools for the installation. Simply attach to the top of the screen, adjust the legs and tighten the knob to secure it in place and it's good to go!  Its grips are specially designed featuring a non-slip surface, which allows Adjustable Screen Top Rack to stay securely in place. Don't worry about it, tipping over or accidentally knocking it off! Adjustable Screen Top Rack is perfect for all your media devices. Suitable for: Roku players, Fire stick, Apple TV, sound bars, Alexa, Google Home, and Apple Home pod.



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