10x Multi purpose Cleaner

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  • The kitchen cleaning spray helps in quick & convenient cleaning of every part of kitchen & bathroom like chimneys, fans, tiles.
  • It cleans oils, greases and fats generated by cooking
  • The spray creates a protective shiny layer against the dirt
  • Easy kills 99.9% bacteria* and has pleasant lemon aroma
  • Unique feature 360 degree usage of can - Means the spray can be used in inverted position also


Adapts Foam Expansion Technology, this spray penetrates and removes stubborn grease and stain from any kitchen items in 2-steps. Just spray and rinse, making the things fresh and brand new. 

The cleaning spray is a very effective kitchen chimney cleaner which can remove old & tough oil/grease in one go.It is commonly used as a gas stove cleaner & tiles cleaner too.It is safe to use the cleaning spray on all kitchen and bathroom surfaces like Gas Stove, Countertops (Slabs), Tiles, Metallic Surfaces (Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Copper), Painted Surfaces, Varnished Wooden Part of Modular Kitchen, Glass and any other areas, where dirt, grease or stain gets deposited.

How To Use -

Step 1 : Shake the kitchen cleaning spray well.
Step 2 : Spray the foam from a distance of 20 cm directly on the surface which has to be cleaned or on the cloth.
Step 3 : If the grease is quite old / stubborn, leave the foam for 5 to 15 minutes.
Step 4 : Remove the foam completely with a damp sponge or cloth.


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