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Are you tired after standing for the whole day?  Do you feet feel ache squeezing in your leather shoes? Would you like to have a quick foot spa at home?


  • FOOT CLEANER & MASSAGER - If you are always in flip flops, leather shoes, high heels, the foot brush can relax the foot muscles, protect your feet. It can provide a deep and thorough cleaning of the feet and toes while massaging tired achy feet.
  • IMPROVES BLOOD FLOW & CIRCULATION - Rubbing your feet back and forth on the message brush not only cleans your feet but also improves circulation and blood flow in your feet. Better blood flow circulation in your feet improves the whole blood circulation in your body
  • EASY TO USE - You don’t need to bend down. You can stand or sit. Simply place your foot on the brush and move back and forth. You can wet it and put some shower gel on the brush to clean your feet or you can use it dry
  • HUMANIZED DESIGN: A triangle hole makes it easy to hang and save much space in your bathroom. There are some suction cup under the two swings to make the brush stay steady so that you will not slip down in the bathroom
  • NICE TIPS: You’d better make it steady when it is dry. When you massage one foot, the other foot presses down the suction cups tongue to make sure the brush keeps in the place
  • HIGH-QUALITY BRISTLES AND FOOT DESIGN: Soft and delicate soft hair, feel comfortable, According to the human body foot design, close fit feet, Massage to each accupoint to promote blood circulation.
  •  PROTECT YOUR FEET: Improves blood circulation and give massaging effect around the feet and gives relaxation to the feet muscles, relax the anxiety from work.



A complete foot care system for cleaning, soothing, stimulating, and massaging your feet every time you shower. 
The brush leaves feet thoroughly cleaned, conditioned, and massaged, including the often neglected areas between the toes. 
The Brush's wide, gentle inner brush massages your tender soles, while stiffer outer bristles smooth rough skin and calluses, and stimulate circulation. 
The contoured bristles create a stimulating massage and extra cleaning power for both the bottom and sides of your feet.

Brush contains fungicide component, natural and environmental protection. 
According to the foot shape design, more humane,it fits your feet very well. 
Bottom suction cup design, closely adsorbed on the ground,you can massage your foot without hands. 
Hanging design, you can save more space.

If you are …
1. The persons that always in flip flops or high heels, the foot scurb can promote the blood circulation and relax your foot muscles. 
2. If your feet face the issues that dead skin, hard cocoon, crack, glial hyperplasia etc. Use this foot brush and your favourite soap, about one week, you will see the feet skin began to smooth.
3. This foot massager can clean and massage your feet gently , soften dead skin , then exfoliate dead skin on your sole. In the past we used the scraper to remove the deal skin , it is easy to tear and pull new skin and old skin together, will cause new skin problem. 
4. Squirt on your favorite shower gel or liquid soap, massaging your one foot while the other foot presses down the suction cups tongue to make sure the brush keep in the place. Is ideal for people with limited movement and makes cleaning your feet in the shower hassle free. 


Material: TPR+PP
Size: about 35cmx23cmx7cm OR 13.8"x9"x2.8" 

Package included: 

1 x Foot Brush


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