Silicone Foldable Scrubbing Mat

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  1. Made of silicone material, it is safe and environmentally friendly, soft, gentle and not to hurt your hand.
  2. Our Silicone Foldable Scrubbing Mat is easy to use, easy to clean mop and small clothes.
  3. Not only the washboard, but also can clean the sole as the anti-slip mat.
  4. Compared with traditional washboard, unique handle and fixed groove design can effectively remove stains, soft without hurting hands for more labor-saving.
  5. With the 13 vacuum suction cups, the washboard can firmly fix smooth ground, such as tiles, marble, artificial stone and so on.
  6. It takes up little space, and can be easily stored without saving family space.



Silicone Foldable Scrubbing Mat is east to  fold and hang able, does not take up much space, simple and easy to use, designed for home washing. Diverse use. Clothes, shoe soles and mops can be used.Easy to clean and stays in place for a long time. Deepened texture and rounded corners prevent scratching.


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