Expandable Fridge Basket (pack of 4)

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·         Expandable fridge storage basket is a Space Saver


·         It  is ideal for organizing the contents of your refrigerator neatly


·         It is a multipurpose oraganizer even for organizing dining tables, office tables, study tables, kitchen and bathroom cabinets as well.


·         It is durable and safe usage.


·         Expandable fridge storage basket features microbial resistance




Expandable fridge storage basket Provides you a perfect storage solution that is designed perfectly for space-saving which is unique and has an effective design. Stock more food in your fridge and save more space in your fridge with these multipurpose fridge space saver rack which makes it easy to store all your small items.This is a whole new innovation and the design is made in which you can easily change the space needed for your products. It can be retrieved with the aid of smart slide design. It's got a great slide feature, a fridge food storage shelf.



Size: 17.4 x 14.9 x 19.4 cm

Material: plastic

Weight :   390 Grams



1x  Expandable fridge storage basket



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